A place to unwind.


Oonlee Bungalows is the fruit of a beautiful Franco-Thai union. We have been creating, building and improving on our original Koh Jum vision to bring you this little piece of tropical paradise.

Years of tremendous effort have brought our dream to life. A place where we can raise our children and host our friends and guests. Your comfort is our priority and we have built a strong and friendly team to exceed your expectations.

Lee was born in France and gained invaluable experience working in the service industry in both Belle-île-en-mer and Carnac. Having always a bit of wanderlust, Lee met Oon more than 30 years ago in Southern Thailand and the tremendous bond between them inspired her to leave everything and start a life in Koh Jum together.


Oon (Pakdee Pakdeesuwan)
Oon was born in Surat Thani and later traveled to nearby Koh Samui where he worked in the tourism industry. After meeting Valerie, they decided to move back to Brittany together. From Carnac to Chichester, Belle-ile to Koh Jum, Oon has built lasting relationships with friends and family and gained invaluable experience in the service industry. As a master chef, Oon has learned to create a delicious Thai-European fusion that the the family restaurant prepares daily for our guests.

Alec and Joey Pakdeesuwan (Lucky children of the sun)
Both born in France, they took to their new home like fish in water and are now trilingual and have grown so much since we arrived. Alec and Joey have become an integral part of the team, sharing the secrets of Koh Jum and Thailand with our guest’s children.